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When to Call a Professional Towing Assistance? 

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A vehicle always seems to fail at the most unexpected moment. For many, it is parking their car somewhere and coming back only to find that the car will not start, leaving the owners stranded without any means of transportation or much chance of fixing the problem. 

Towing Assistance 

Even when a vehicle does not start at your house, it is extremely inconvenient, especially if you have no knowledge what the reason is. The following are the most common reasons a vehicle will not start as well as the things you must check first: 

  1. Ignition Switch
    Consider checking your car’s ignition switch when you are very sure that the battery is the source of the problem, which is very easy to do. Simply check for features where the battery is required to work – turning on your lights is an easy and quick way to identify this. In most instances, if your battery is working but your vehicle will not start then probably there is a problem with the ignition switch. 
  1. Dead Battery
    This is considered as one of the most usual reasons for a vehicle not starting and is very easy to determine – check the starter under your car’s hood and listen for the clicking sound when the engine starts. Keep in mind that clicking and cranking sound in your engine differ from each other. A clicking sound may indicate an electrical problem.Another method to check for the dead battery is using connections such as automatic windows, stereo or windshield wipers, as these need power from the battery in order to operate.While this is possible to fix with the jump lead, there’s a great chance that the battery cannot be repaired and you really require to get your car towed to the nearest auto shop for the replacement of a dead battery. 
  1. No Fuel
    You would be amazed at the number of owners whose vehicles will not start because of the lack of gas in their tanks. Sometimes the solution to the problem is right in front of you. Always check your fuel gauge in order to know how much gas you still have in your gas tank, as this occurs very often than most owners assume. 
  1. Fuel Filter
    If your fuel filter is clogged, it prevents the gas from reaching the car’s engine, so the vehicle does not start. Keep in mind that the fuel filter requires to be replaced every 10,000 miles, therefore, just make sure to replace the fuel filter at the next opportunity.  
  1. Starter
    The starter is more likely an ignition switch as the primary culprit for most vehicles struggling to start which do not have dead batteries. As a matter of fact, checking for the starter is simple – listen out for the clicking sound when turning your keys, as this is one sign that the starter might be broken. 

But when you need assistance with your car while on the road and you have no more options left, it is better to contact professional and highly reputable tow truck Toronto so that your car will be safe and secured along the way to the auto shop.

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Do You Need a Large Electric Motor? 

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Large electric motors are used in various industrial applications. Good examples are oxygen compression motors and heater drain motors. This equipment can be very expensive, which is why it is usually repaired, refurbished, and resold into the market. 

Electric Motor

If you want to have a good idea as to what types of motors you can buy from a surplus store, here’s a list of some of them. The equipment included here are referred to as large electric motors used in different types of industries.  

  1. Power Generators 

Power generators are large motors that are used to generate electricity in areas that are not yet covered by the service. It is usually required by campsites that are set up on top of the mountain or on places away from civilization. 

  1. Chillers 

HVAC systems are considered large electric motors as well, more particularly the ones that run on 100 horsepower or higher. Many industrial warehouses use this motors for cooling purposes, and there’s no doubt that these equipment need regular maintenance, rewinding, and repair.  

  1. Oil and gas machines 

Oil and gas exploration requires reciprocating compressor motors to successfully extract gas from under the soil or seabed. Aside from this, the industry may also require pumps and special types of motors for pipelines.  

  1. Mining 

Mining is yet another industry benefitted most by the use of a large electric motor. Mining corporations have requirements for high torque and high inertia machines to run the crushers and conveyors. Some of the motors needed for these purposes use are custom-designed.  

  1. Recycling 

Recycling plants need large electric motors to run their mills. They usually require wound rotor induction motors that also include liquid rheostat, logic controls, and primary starters. With these machines highly available, making the world a much better place becomes possible.  

  1. Steel Mills 

The production of steel requires more than just conveyors and belts. Oftentimes, custom build wound rotor induction motors are necessary. The industry also needs D.C. tandem and reversing duty mill motors, large synchronous machines, and liquid rheostats.  

  1. Cement

The production of cement is not possible without the use of large electric motors. This industry uses large synchronous motors as well as wound rotor induction motors with logic controls, primary starters, and liquid rheostats to successfully run the ball mills.  

  1. Gas Compression

For gas compression, induction and synchronous motors with as much as 30,000 horsepower are needed. This is essential to run the centrifugal and reciprocating nitrogen, oxygen, and natural gas compressors that are being used today. 

These are just some of the large electric motors needed to run a particular industry. The cost of acquiring new equipment is too high even for the largest companies of today. That’s the reason why a lot of businesses are looking for surplus large electric motors that they can use for their specific requirements.  

Companies that no longer have a use for their large electric motors may choose to sell it to tradesmen who may resell it to other companies that have a requirement for it. This is how large electric motors are commonly traded these days. 

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